From Self-Care to Systems of Care
An online training series that explores how we can dismantle oppressive systems to build a more caring,  just, and inclusive world.
Following our breakout Self to Systems Training Course released earlier this year, The Self-Care to Systems of Care Live Series focuses on the topic of CARE and its ramifications across individual, organizational, and community dynamics.
We're partnering with leading authors, experts, and social justice advocates to:

  • Explore how to build radically caring, trauma informed leaders in a post-COVID world
  • Show how organizations can and must make authentic commitments to advancing justice and equity both inside and outside the workplace
  • Offer concrete, practical steps for corporations to repair communities harmed by history of exploitation and exclusive practices
How to Open Up Instead of Shutting Down
with Heather Younger

How do we productively engage with a traumatized coworker when we too are experiencing trauma? With the right self-care and self-leadership, you can transform your burnout and fatigue into radically compassionate action.
How Workplaces Move from Performative Allyship to Authentic Commitments
with Andrés Tapia
Leaders who make ambitious statements about social justice need to master the complex work of follow-through. Make sure your organization's commitment to diversity is authentic, not "wokewashing." 
the celebrated author of Decolonizing Wealth

To scale our systems of care, we need organizations to commit to the tough work of healing.  Part of healing is repairing the economic damage done to historically marginalized groups. How can your organization make the difference?
The Self to Systems methodology teaches how to achieve systemic change by breaking it into three dimensions: how to create change in selves as individuals, in our interpersonal relationships and communities, and in our organizational dynamics and institutions.
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